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Artisan Series Steel Commander Deck Box!


How Strong is our Steel Deck Box?  

See below!  That is my truck resting on top of one.  My truck has a curb weight of 4600 Lbs.  So logically, you would think roughly one quarter of that weight is on the deck box.  Trucks are biased in weight toward the front, so my conservative estimate is that 1,200 Lbs is resting on it in the below photo!  There was a slight bend in the hinge after we drove off, but the deck box otherwise was fully in tact and fully functional!

#StrongasSteel #SteelDeckBox

#StrongasSteel #SteelDeckBox  Our Steel Deck Box is STRONG!

#StrongasSteel #SteelDeckBox  Our Steel Deck Box is STRONG!

Our most popular case is our MTG-1.  

Seen below.  Carry your cards in style!  Order yours from our store today!   More info here: