GameNight case development - Help us!

You are looking at a prototype case we are developing calling the GameNight case.

The concept if just like it sounds: a case to carry everything you would need for an evening of Magic the Gathering.  So here is the concept so far ( at least in terms of this prototype unit):

Gamenight case
  • Hardshell wooden exterior to protect cards in transit
  • Soft foam interior for protection and compartmentalization
  • 6 deck box slots to keep your decks separated and easily accessible
  • Single or Double playmat storage (it will fit up to 2 rolled together)
  • Life-counter die storage compartment
  • Misc counter / die / etc storage bin
  • Playing surface (flip case open and the outside of the case becomes a flat playing surface fitted to a standard playmat)
  • Optional hand cuffs to give you the complete James Bond look.... (kidding of course!  You will have to buy your own handcuffs...)

So that is the main concept of this case.  We would love to hear your feedback on it.  In our minds, if it isn't awesome, we don't want to make it.  Take a look at the photos below:

Now you have seen the photo's, so have at us!  Let us know if you think its great, or crap, or even that you think we have no talent (we hope that is not the case... no pun intended!).  However we do ask one thing:  let us know why you think that!  That way we can actually make something really cool and you can say you helped us develop it!

Thank you for your thoughts and feedback!  

Dan Lanpher